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This is Part 4 of our 4-part Guide to Minimal Footwear
To see all sections, go to Part 1 - Why Wear Minimal Shoes

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Materials for Further Education on Foot Health

Here are my favourite resources for more information on feet, movement and general health!
  • Katy Bowman - A biomechanist with several awesome books on movement and how it's a natural part of human health. My top recommendations are Whole Body Barefoot and Move Your DNA. Her website has courses, along with her blog and podcast.
  • Gait Happens - Dr Courtney Conley has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with foot pain and health. Her Instagram account showcases exercises for mobilization and activation of the tissues in and around the feet and ankles.
  • The Foot Collective - An group of physical therapists who are on a mission to educate and challenge conventional thinking around foot related health treatment. Their Instagram account is full a tips and thought-provoking material.
  • Natural Mobility - Alex Schenker blends natural movement, martial arts and shiatsu therapy to create a well-rounded practice of achieving health and movement. He has a Youtube channel full of instructional videos and also delivers workshops and classes in Toronto.
  • Alignment Rescue - Carol Robbins is a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. She helps discover root causes to joint and tissue pain and her website has a video library to address and rehabilitate common issues. She conducts online consultations, sees clients in-person and teaches workshops in Toronto.
  • Correct Toes - This company has been making toe spreaders to help restore the natural spacing between healthy toes. We also supply a version of the toe spreaders at Cool East Market. The Correct Toes website has a great video library with exercises, lectures and considerations for alternative footwear.
That's all for now. I'll be writing a follow-up featuring the top minimal shoe brands and models for different categories. For now, please take a look at our website for a selection of the shoes we love bringing to our customers. Or come by our store on the Danforth if you are in the Toronto area.
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  • Thank you for this. As someone just coming to the idea of minimalist footwear, this was very helpful, especially the resources page.

    Jennifer on

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