To All Our Customers

April 2021 Community Update:

What To Expect When Shopping Our Shoes During Lockdown

How to Shop:

We are still unable to offer in store shopping, and we very much miss seeing you all in person. Until we can offer personalized in store appointments again, online shopping is available as it always has been, 24/7.


We always offer free delivery by Canada Post for orders over $100, but if you live within walking or driving distance, select free local pickup as your shipping option. We’ll send you an email with the details of how to pick up your order. By selecting free local pickup, you’ll not only have access to your purchase faster, but you’ll also be supporting us more robustly as it cuts out the middleman.


Our in store team is receiving shipments and packing up orders to send to our online customers four days a week currently. They are ready to assist you at the door when you come to pick up your order, or to receive your return or exchange during the following hours.

Monday: 11-6

Wednesday: 11-6

Thursday: 11-6

Friday: 11-6

(Closed Tuesdays and Weekends)


We have explored potential options for customers to try on shoes (in their car, outside the store on a mat) but at the end of the day these didn’t give people the information they needed to determine if the shoes would be a good fit, and some ideas were not feasible due to the restrictions (we asked).

This means the best way currently to find your size is to talk to us by email and then buy the size that we recommend, try it out at home,  and if needed exchange them. 

The restrictions are very inconvenient for all of us. We recognize how challenging it is to shop for shoes online, and our customers have been amazingly adaptable and patient, understanding that our workload has increased as conversations move into the digital realm and we deal with an increased number of exchanges.

We are working on a master sizing guide based around resources from our Minimal shoe brands and our own expertise fitting hundreds of people to every style we carry. That will become freely available online so that you get more transparency on our recommendations, or for you to use yourself if desired. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be notified when this drops.


Our overall policies for when your new shoes don’t fit have only changed a tiny bit: now when you drop off your return or exchange it will be at the door as opposed to in the store. Socks are final sale as always, and shoes must be mint condition, never worn outside to qualify, so pretty standard policies. Please contact us in advance so we can send you complete instructions, it gives us a chance to advise you on your exchange if needed as well.

 Big Picture:

Given the high number of COVID cases, new super-spreading variants and delays in vaccinations, the situation is serious and we all have to do our part.  The sacrifices we make now are investments in our community’s future, and when we think about the front line workers, it's not that big of a sacrifice after all.


We're here to answer questions about transitioning to Minimal, footwear sizing, and the diverse array of models we carry online.  If you've been wondering about Minimal Footwear and want to do more research, this is a great time as there is a lot of free information available now online from movement experts.

If you’re looking for wellness advice to reach your 2021 resolutions, we’re always happy to recommend resources from free info to one-on-one classes and services. We receive no kickbacks from any of these professionals; it’s our way of living our values to help you out by pointing to those we’ve learned from.

 Our Safety Measures:

We continue to adapt how we work to the best risk management protocols possible, some of which includes: moving customer service staff to work-from-home, mandatory masks for staff whose work must be done in person, frequent disinfecting and hand hygiene, shoe “quarantine” for returns, adherence to social distancing, and as little contact as possible when assisting customers for order pick ups and exchange drop offs. Part of what we do is helping folks engage with their best wellness practices, and that means health is a priority to us!

How We’re Doing:

Like other small, independent businesses in our area, the restrictions have been a challenge that’s forced us to innovate and get creative, but our best efforts have not lived up to pre-pandemic business.  We are very grateful to our online customers and our local customers who have switched to online.  

Your loyalty has allowed us to continue. We are confident that with your help, choosing local for your footwear needs and spreading the word about Cool East Market and minimal shoes, we can make it together to the other side.

So many of you have told us how great it is to be able to try on Minimal shoes in person as this industry lacks brick and mortar presence in Canada. We can’t wait to get back to offering this service when it becomes safe to do so again.

I wish all of you and your families strong immunity & good health.  Keep Active!  Keep Positive! Keep Healthy!

Hope to see you Again Soon,

Leslie Padorr

Owner, Cool East Market