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People all around the world wear Xero Shoes for everything from a walk on the beach to a hike in the woods to a Crossfit workout to running ultra marathons.

These questions will help you decide which Xero Shoes are right for you:

  • Do you want shoes or sandals? For shoes, the choice is simple: the Lena for Women and the Hana for Men are our closed-toe casual canvas shoes.  Keep the barefoot feeling all day long at work or school.        

  • If you're interested in a high performance athletic shoe check out the Prio Model, Prio - Men's                                   and the                      Prio - Women's 
  • What will you do in your Xeros? If you’re spending a lot of time on aggressive trails, you’ll want more protection.  The Z-TRAIL is an awesome hiking sandal for forest trails or city sidewalks.
  • Or you could custom make your own sandals with one of our do-it-yourself kits. 
  • Do you like the “thong” style, or the “sport sandal” style with nothing between your toes? Keep in mind that Xero Shoes are not flip flops… because the “huarache-inspired” lacing system holds all the way around your foot, you don’t get the pressure points associated with flip flops.
Thong Sandal - Xero Venture                   XERO Z-TREK Sports Sandal                                    

     Whatever Xero Shoe you choose, you'll be happy to know about the 5,000 mile (that's 8,000 kilometres!) warranty on the patented Xero Shoes Sole.


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