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EcoWings Bags and Accessories are made from re-purposed tire tubes,
converting a environmental problem into practical and durable products. 
Designed with style and carefully crafted, 
EcoWings are virtually indestructible and will last forever,
making them a great replacement for leather.  
Reasonably priced, easy to clean and care for, waterproof.  
We donate 5% of Sales of EcoWings Products to The Fauna Foundation.
You'll love your EcoWings product and and feel good knowing
that you've contributed to our world's future.
Vegan    Unisex

8 products found in Eco Wings Canada Accessories

Double-Pocket Briefcase/Computer Bag Made from Recycled Tire Tube by Eco Wings
  • $74.00
Shoulder Bag Made of Recycled Tire Tubes by Eco Wings
  • $69.00
Square Shoulder Bag made from Repurposed Tire Tubes
  • $49.00
Stylish Eco Wings Shoulder Purse
  • $49.00
Billfold Made From Recycled Tire Tubes by Eco Wings
  • $29.00
Eco Wings Recycled Tire Tube Clutch Pouch
  • $29.00
Eco Wings Recycled Tire Tube Tablet Case
  • $29.00
Recycled Tire Tube Belt by EcoWings
  • $24.00