Waterproof Rubber Boots from Japan

  • $99.00

These waterproof boots are excellent for rainy weather and damp conditions. Combined with a pair of thick socks, they're wonderful for winter.

They are durable yet flexible and allow for a minimal feel, featuring treads that grip well on a variety of terrain and zero drop sole.

Each pair includes two rubber straps to add on to prevent suction when traveling through wet or muddy areas.  Using the straps also makes the boots more secure on the feet.

Please measure your feet in centimeters and add extra for comfort and warm socks to get the best fit.

On a size 3L, the toe box width is about 10cm accross the ball of the foot area. The stack height (sole and insole) ranges from 0.5cm at the arch to 0.7cm at the heel and forefoot, the difference being a bit of extra tread.

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