Pick your Colour Tabi Boots

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Pick a colour, just about any colour!  We can dye our Tall White Tabi Boots in a variety of cool colours for you.

The Top-Stitching and rims stay white.  

All sizes are available, 23 cm to 30 cm.   We can make Red, Fuchsia, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Charcoal, Light  Blue, Deep Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Violet, Yellow,

When you order you can let us know the colour you want in the Special Instructions box.

PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY  in cm or convert from inches to make sure you order the right size.   

To measure:

Stand on a piece of paper in bare feet and have someone else trace around the bottom of your foot, making sure that the pen or pencil is perpendicular to the ground.  On the piece of paper measure the diagonal distance from the longest toe (usually but not always the big toe) to the middle of your heel.  That is your foot size.  

Our Tabi Boots are sized in centimetres.  If your foot is 28 or 28.1 cm, for instance, the 28 cm. boot will be too small for you and you should take the 29 cm.  If your foot is under 28 cm, then the 28 cm boot will fit you. 


If you find the Tabi Boots too narrow for your legs you might want to try the  Hase Plus Jikatabi extensions  which add width to the Tabi Boots.  We can dye the extensions at the same time for a seamless look.

Measurements:  23 cm. boot is 32 cm. tall, 38.5 cm. wide at the top.

30 cm. boot is 33 cm. tall, 40.5 cm. wide at the top.




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