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Celebrating the Spirit of Martial Arts since 1999, Cool East Market has footwear that is durable, flexible and affordable.

Our customers appreciate the tough but flexible sole of the Jikatabi which is expertly bonded to the uppers and will not separate.  Our Jikatabi wear well under the toughest training conditions.  The flat sole keeps you well grounded and the split toe allows for movement and flexibility.

Try the Jikatabi Extensions if you need more width around your leg.  Tabi products are Vegan and unisex.

12 products found in Tabi for Martial Arts

12-Fastener Black Tabi Boots
  • $35.00
Ninjitsu Tabi for Mat Training
  • From $24.99
5-Fastener Black Tabi Boots
  • $24.99
CoolMax Tabi Socks
  • From $6.00
Tall Tabi Socks
  • From $6.00
Fleece Jikatabi Liner
  • $23.99
Kyahan Leggings
  • $45.00
Traditional Japanese Style Black and White Cotton Tabi Socks
  • From $11.50
Tabi Boots Hase Plus Extensions
  • $14.99
Non-Slip Tabi Socks
  • $12.00
Tabi Boots for Children
  • $85.00
Hand-Made 12-Fastener Black Jikatabi
  • $59.00