Lems Primal 2 Unisex Minimal Running Shoe

  • $159.00

Built on a zero-drop platform and weighing in at an ultra-lightweight 6.9oz, the Primal 2 is perfect for minimal shoe lovers.

Why you’ll love the Primal 2
  • Foot-shaped Fit With the Lems natural-shape fit, your feet are sure to be healthy and happy.
  • Vegan-Friendly Materials Comprised of microfiber and breathable air mesh, we made sure that all materials, down to the laces and glue, are 100% vegan.
  • Ultra-Lightweight   The proprietary air-injected rubber outsole is what makes Lems incredibly lightweight-- giving your foot the sense of weightlessness.  They are also quite flexible, including the soles, allowing you to use the myriad joints and muscles in your feet for balance, agility, and play.
  • Zero-Drop Places the forefoot and heel flat to the ground to correct posture, align your spine, and encourage mid-foot strike.
  • Optional Insole  The 3mm insole can be worn to ease your transition to minimal shoes, or for the ultimate barefoot feeling they can be worn without the insole.
  • Wide Toe Box   Unlike traditional footwear that squeezes your toes together, the foot-shaped toe box allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread. Allows for use of a toe spacer such as Correct Toes.
  • Up for Anything – The Primal 2 is comfy from Day 1 so you can get started on adding more movement to your life straight away, whether your next adventure is a 5k run* or a grocery run!

The Primal 2 is the ultra-minimalist, athletic and leisure friendly runner that lets you get the most out of every day. Its inspired design promotes healthy foot development and aides in alleviating certain foot ailments such as bunions and hammertoes. Whether standing at work, walking the dog, or running everyday errands, the Primal 2 is certainly the go to, superbly comfortable shoe for you.

*If you’re new to minimal shoes, check out our Transtioning to Minimal Shoes Guide before you lace up for extended wear.  Although the Primal 2s are ready to move, it’s important to get your feet ready too!