Rubber Tabi Boots from Japan

  • $135.16

Sorry, we sold out of most sizes of the Rubber Tabi Boots due to a supplier shortage.  The non-Tabi Rubber Boot is available in most sizes.

Authentic Rubber Tabi Boots from Japan designed for farming and fishing with polyester knit ribbing on the leg opening to keep feet and legs dry.

Tall pairs come with 2 elastic straps used to ensure boots stay on in the deepest mud or riverbank.

Wear them with our tall  fleece liners for added warmth.

Short Pairs are more flexible and light-weight.


SS - 22 cm. - 23 cm.
S - 23.5 cm. - 24 cm.
M - 24.5 cm - 25.0 cm.
L- 25.5 cm. - 26.0 cm.
LL- 26.5 cm. - 27.0 cm.
3L- 27.5 cm. - 28.0 cm.


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