CEM Needs Your Help!


We've Got a Favour to Ask

Since we originally created a sizing guide a few years back a lot has changed. We've added new models, new brands, and started to include more nuance in how we recommend sizing.


It's time for us to make the Sizing Guide 2.0, one that will help you describe your unique feet in three dimensions, while still providing a concrete touchstone for your baseline sizing.


In order to do this, we would love to have photos illustrating a wide variety of foot shapes. This is where you come in: photo submissions!


So Many Kinds of Functional Feet

Many people have shyness around their feet because we often cover them up, or because of societal standards of what feet "should" look like. Believe us when we say that we have seen many hundreds of feet and they are each unique!


Some are hairy, some are not. Some are pedicured, some have functional calluses. Some have scars or tattoos. Some have great alignment, but most have some whacky layout leftovers from conventional shoes such as bunions and hammertoes.


Not only will your photos help us describe what kind of shoes will suit different kinds of feet, but they will help normalize variety in what feet look like.


How You Can Help

We realize that it's a big ask, and we want you to be comfortable if you intend on taking us up on this opportunity to empower our community.


By submitting your photos, you agree that we can use them for educational purposes in our blog, which is in the online public forum. Our blog's comments are always moderated, and our community is very supportive and respectful.


We will not be including your name or any other personal info in the Sizing Guide 2.0, it will just be the photo by itself. We may edit submitted photos for privacy, clarity, or to add notations, at our discretion. 


We are requesting photo submissions from adult customers, with your informed consent. We will consider you to have given your consent to use your photos as described in this post if you submit them as described below.


You can withdraw your consent at any time by replying to the original submission email. If you have questions or concerns before of after submitting, please contact us so we can address them.


We'll be sending a coupon code to everyone who submits photos using the following guidelines to thank you for contributing to this resource.


How To Take the Photos

General Guidelines:

  • The photos must depict your own feet.
  • You must be above the age of majority in your province to submit photos.
  • You can wear socks or bare feet, though bare feet are far more helpful.
  • Please ensure your feet are clean before taking photos.
  • Please take photos in a tidy space with decent lighting.
  • Check the foreground and background for anything you may want to crop out or blur for your privacy.
  • Make any edits you want to make before sending in your photo.


Photo 1 - Bird's Eye View


A bird's eye perspective of our team member's feet.

A photo demonstrating the shape of your feet from the top, down.


This will help us illustrate different widths, toe area shapes, and overall foot shapes.


Bird's Eye View Photo Taking Tips:

  • Stand normally and hold your phone/camera around waist height. Bending over distributes your weight on your feet differently.
  • You can crop out unneeded parts of the photo after.
  • Hold the phone/camera level with the floor so it doesn't distort the shape of your feet.


How we took that photo:

A photo of our team member taking the photo above.



Photos 2 and 3 - In Profile

Example: Outside Profile

Lateral profile of our team member's foot


Example: Inside Profile

Medial profile of our team member's foot

 Photos demonstrating the shape of your feet from the side. You can photograph the inside or the outside, and both is even better.


This will help us illustrate ways to describe the arches, heel shape, and different heights/volumes of feet.


Profile View Photo Taking Tips:

  • Have a helper take these ones, if possible.
  • Take the photo from ground level, with enough distance that the whole foot and ankle is in the frame.
  • Hold your phone/camera perpendicular to the floor so it doesn't distort the shape of the foot.
  • Stand normally for the outer side. To capture the inner side, you can hold on to something and balance on one foot with the other out of the way.


How We Took Those Photos:

A photo of Hannah taking the previous two photos according to the above instructions



How To Submit Photos

Once you are happy with your 2-3 photos and have made any edits you wish to make, please email them to info+photos@cooleastmarket.com before October 1st.


After October 1st, 2022 we will send everyone who submitted photos a discount code for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more to thank you for your contribution, whether or not we end up using your photos.


Spread the Word

Feel free to forward our request to friends, family, coworkers, movement teachers, et cetera.


Not everyone will be comfortable helping us with this project and that's completely understandable! By spreading the word you can help us build a great resource and help your circle access a great discount.