Restock Alerts

Out of Stock? Here’s what to do if your size is sold out right now!

Our Ordering Strategy

Firstly, we want to be transparent with our customers about our strategy for stocking Cool East Market. With our limited space, we’re ordering core products year round, and seasonal products rotating between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. This allows us to have a broader selection than if we tried to keep all of our sandals in stock through the winter or fall boots through the summer, etc.

Restock Schedule

We make regular orders from our suppliers. For our American brands- Xero and Lems, we order about once a month. For Vivo and Leguano we tend to order about once every six weeks. When it comes to our European brands (Be Lenka, Bohempia, Ahinsa, Shapen) we try to order every other month.

Restock Alerts

Restock Alerts are your way to tell us what you’re looking for:

  1. It gives us a list to reference when we order from our suppliers so we can try to restock everything that has been requested.
  2. It sends you an email or text alert when we next add your requested item to our inventory

Restock Alerts can be made on bestselling core products and in season items. You can create as many Restock Alerts as you like.

How To Set Up a Restock Alert:

Watch this 1 minute video on Loom to see how to set up a restock alert on a product page where they are enabled.

Text or Email Alert?

It’s possible that an email alert could go to your spam folder, so we recommend signing up for a text alert over an email alert when possible. We will only send you the alert text or emails you sign up for, it will not put you on a marketing list!

How Long Does Restock Alert Take?

If our supplier has the requested item in stock, we’ll try to add it to our next order (see Schedule above). Restock alerts are a courtesy service to let you know when we add new stock; it is not a guarantee that we will be able to restock the requested item.

When You Receive Your Alert…

Restock Alert does not reserve the item automatically. We recommend ordering online right away when you receive your alert to avoid disappointment. If you would like to place a hold you can do so by phoning during our business hours.

We can place a hold for 1-2 items for up to 1 week. The item must be physically in the store for us to place it on hold for you.

Restock Alert Troubleshooting

If your desired item is sold out and the Restock Alert button doesn’t appear, we haven’t enabled restock alerts for that item. It may be due to unavailability, or to the item being off season.

If your restock alert is taking longer than expected, you are welcome to ask for an update. We will do our best to look into the reason for a delay if it is delayed.

Can You Order It For Me?

We do not offer a service for special orders. We did in the past when we were a smaller business with the ability to devote more time and attention to each interaction, but there are too many moving parts in special ordering to reliably offer this service at our current rate of interactions.

Is There a Faster Way?

The fastest way to get your desired out of stock item is to order directly from our suppliers, for example, if you are looking to order a Xero Prio that is sold out at Cool East Market, you could order them directly from Xero Shoes’s website and have them delivered from the States.

Keep in mind this is usually a little more expensive for international orders, but a great option if you are in a time crunch. If you order directly, you can find each company’s return/exchange information on their websites.