Warranty Help

Warranty Help

Many of our most popular brands come with a warranty or functionally similar policy. If something happened with your shoes that isn’t right, please let us know by email and we’ll help you out.


What to expect:

We’ll collect some or all of the following info:

  • Your name and contact info
  • Your receipt or order number
  • A photo of the issue in question

We’ll share relevant details with our suppliers when submitting a claim. It often takes 2-3 weeks for us to process your information, reach out to our suppliers, and wait to hear back about results.

Once we get confirmation that they can cover the issue under their policies, we'll let you know what options we can offer you such as a replacement, refund, store credit, repairs reimbursement, etc.


What qualifies?

Xero, Lems, Vivo, Correct Toes, and other brands we carry have fantastic customer service, which we are able to extend to our customers. Each of their policies is slightly different but they all want to ensure you have an excellent experience.

The types of issues that are often covered by these policies can include premature wear, sole separation, waterproof lining issues, stitching and parts issues, etc.

Regular wear and tear is not covered, but if you see consistent wear patterns in your footwear, that can be a great way to learn about your movement habits. It can also indicate if your shoe sizing or fit needs are being met. We're happy to talk about wear patterns and pass along tips and resources.

For durability, we often expect shoes used for regular running (or other activities that are very demanding on the shoe materials and construction) to last around 6 months to a year, casual daily wear shoes to last a year or two, and shoes that are worn as part of a rotation or once in a while to last quite a while. Everyone puts different demands on their shoes though, so this is a very rough estimate based on the general feedback we get. See more about how to get the most out of your shoes here.

If you’re not sure whether you’d qualify, or want to initiate a claim, just send us an email at info@cooleastmarket.com and we’ll help you out.


How long am I covered?

Depending on the brand and from date of purchase...

  • Xero Shoes - 2 years
  • Lems - 1 year
  • Vivobarefoot - 6 to 12 months depending on the issue
  • Correct Toes - 90 days
  • Be Lenka's warranty policies are only for their EU customers, but they may be able to reimburse repairs (please reach out to us before initiating any repairs)
  • Other brands - please reach out for more info


What about Xero's 5000 Mile Sole Policy or Revivo?

While all Xero shoes come with a 5000 mile sole coverage, this may be more useful for their American customers buying directly from the brand. The way it works is that customers whose Xero shoes wear through the sole within that 5000 miles can ask to use that policy, and if it's approved they would get a coupon for a replacement to be used on Xero's website. However, with shipping and duties, it can end up being not that much of a discount for us in Canada. If you've had a Xero sole wear very thin, reach out to us anyways and we'll see if there's anything we can do.

ReVivo, Vivobarefoot's official refurbishment service, is currently only available within the UK. Vivobarefoot Canada is aware of the demand to provide this type of service in Canada and as far as we're aware, they would like to set that up when possible. In the meantime they have done brand collaborations with national footwear care services, and may be able to provide a recommendation for you.