Warranty Help

Warranty Help

Many of our most popular brands come with a warranty or functionally similar policy. If something happened with your shoes that isn’t right, please let us know by email and we’ll let you know what we can do.


What to expect:

We’ll collect some or all of the following info:

  • Your name, contact info, and shipping address
  • Your receipt or order number
  • A photo of the issue in question

We’ll share any and all relevant info with our suppliers.

Once we get confirmation that they can cover the issue under their policies, we'll let you know what options we can offer you such as a replacement, a refund, store credit, etc.


What qualifies?

Xero, Lems, Vivo, Correct Toes, and other brands we carry have fantastic customer service, which we are able to extend to our customers. Each of their policies is slightly different but they all want to ensure you have an excellent experience.

If you’re not sure whether you’d qualify, or want to initiate a claim, just send us an email at info@cooleastmarket.com and we’ll help you out.