Reviews from Our Customers

Our customers are very happy with the quality of our products and our customer service.

"Thanks a lot! I have just received my new pair in the right size, and they fit perfectly......I have tried my Kigo Drive on wet sand, and they seem just as good as in rainy weather; I brushed them, and they were not particularly sea-water damp, but if my new green Kigo Leon are the same quality, I won't be disappointed."

"I received my order Monday, July 8th just 2 days after I ordered, which was a Friday!

Can't say enough about how happy I am with the service, & from a internet order.
The Nylon Tabi I ordered are very comfortable, breathable ,great movement for the feet, and surprisingly durable as I've already worn them while training, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

Thank You so much! You definitely have a new customer, & my referral to all I know in the Martial Arts & who appreciate Japanese Culture!"

"This is just a letter to gush about how great you are. I'm really glad to see that Cool East Market is still around. So glad, in fact, that I just made another purchase. Somewhere, I think I still have the hand-signed letter that was shipped with the first purchase of tabi socks I ever made from your store around 5 or 6 years ago. At the time, I was looking for replacement socks to complement my jika-tabi and the traditional suppliers were nearly double the price your store was asking for, with no difference in quality. I'm glad to see that much hasn't changed. In fact, your selection has even grown! Anyways, thanks for being so awesome, and I wish you nothing but the best for years to come."

"I just received a pair of Velcro closure Tabi that I bought from Cool East Market and the note that came with the package asked for some feedback. I very much like the feel of these and the sole is just the right size, your website was very good about the sizing guidelines so thank you for that. There is a little more material around the ankle and on top of my foot so it makes the overall fit a little loose, but that is something that I can take in easily and I know I will enjoy these for a long time. Thank you again and good luck to you!" Mike

"I have to say, that the quality of the tabi's are absolutely excellent and of the highest order, by far and away the best i've owned. So compliments to you and your manufacturers for that as well as for your superb customer service, I'll definetly be using you again, and will also be passing your details on to the rest the dojo i train with."  Karl

 "I just received my jikatabi today and socks today. Shipping was awesome. I wasn't expecting them until at least tomorrow, if not after the weekend. Quality appears to be excellent. They fit great and I'm really excited to wear them around tomorrow! More to come after they've gotten some wear. Thanks Cool East Market!"

"I just wanted to very quickly thank you guys for my order. I bought a pair of tabi boots from another company a while ago and was not at all happy, they were velcro enclosure so they popped open whenever they wanted and the bit of velcro that stuck out was rubbing my ankle and they were not at all comfortable. I immediately was determined to find better products than the ones I got from the company that I'm too polite to name. i received my new pair from your company today in the mail and they fir like I was there in person to have them tailored to fit me perfectly! They are very comfortable and well made with great attention to detail. They are very important to me for training in so comfort and secure fit are really important... James "

"I wear your tabi all the time. They're great. Thank you!...Kim"

"....the experiences I have had with your company in the past have been extremely positive. If I recall correctly, I needed some assistance while placing my first order with your company a couple of years ago. I received a quick and friendly answer to my question via email. I don't know how you generally staff your company or monitor your email, but I was very impressed with how timely my question was answered."

"Also - I have been immensely happy with the quality of your tabi (at least the Jika style, because that is all I have purchased from you--so far). My friends and I use them for martial arts training and the tabi take a fair amount of abuse at least four hours a week. Of all the other types of tabi we have tried in the past, yours have held up the best by far. I have gotten about two years of steady use out of my original pair, where others MIGHT have lasted 6 months."

"I have enjoyed my dealings with you and your company and I wish you the best of fortune in the new year and beyond. Thank you for your wonderful service and professional business practices. I hope to continue using your company for future purchases." S.R.

"My dojo thanks you for having good quality products inside Canada."

"I recently purchase Tabi socks from your company and want to say thank you:) They exceeded my expectations and delivery time was quick! Also, thank you for the red pair of tie-dyed girls just think they are the neatest things! ... Y.M."

"I received them a couple of hours ago and I really love them. I ordered the fleece tabi for my husband and he really loves them too, he hasn't taken them off yet. I'll be back with another order soon, thank you for your wonderful service. Best wishes, Samantha."

"I will refer everyone to your site when they ask me about my cool cool shoes." E.S.

"Amazingly fast delivery! Fantastic boots, I'll certainly be recommending you to my fellow students at my Jiu Tai Jutsu / Ninjutsu club! Again, thanks, Alex"

"Great service and product. Thank you very much, John."

"Thank you again. My new Tabi boots are amazing." Jennifer

"Thank You for your excellent service." Jonathan

"I got the boots. They are perfect! Thank you soooo much! There is NO better place to get tabi's online than your store and you have proven it to me! You've been kind, helpful, and your product is great! Thank you! Leon"


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