Traditional Japanese Style Black and White Cotton Tabi Socks

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New Tabi Means New Low Price on most of our Traditional Tabi!
As our Old Tabi from China are gradually being replaced, the new ones imported from Japan have a new price.  Some still available at the Low Price.  
Traditional Tabi 

The original Tabi Sock hasn't changed its design since it was first worn in feudal Japan many centuries ago.  Our Traditional Tabi are all cotton on top, carefully sewn with soft inner linings and non-skid soles. The soles are a cotton blend.
Sizes 21 cm to 30 cm have 4 Kohase (metal tabs for closing).  Sizes 31 to 32 cm have 5 Kohase. 

Most Black Traditional Tabi have White Soles but some now have Black Soles.  Look for Black-Black-Japan for Black-Soled Black Traditional Tabi.

Each pair comes in a clear plastic package labelled by size in centimeters.  Packaging may be different from that shown.

For rugged training requirements, please see the Mat Training Tabi

Measuring Instructions

Please measure carefully in cm to make sure you have the right size.  The best way is to stand on a piece of paper and ask someone to trace carefully around your foot with the pencil perpendicular to the floor.  Measure the diagonal distance from the middle of your heel to the tip of the longest (usually the big but not always) toe.  Allow a tiny bit for the fabric of the Tabi itself.  If the measurement is just under 25 cm. for instance, you can get the 25 cm. but if your foot is right on 25 cm. or a little over you need the next size up.

Due to hygienic concerns, Traditional Cotton Tabi Socks cannot be returned so please measure carefully.



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