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From soft, warm and luxurious Himalayan Cashmere to Polar Fleece to light and silky 100% Nylon  we've got every style of Tabi Socks for you.  Tall Tabi, Short Tabi, Black and White Tabi, Hand-Dyed Colour Tabi and of course the Traditional Kimono Cotton Tabi with kohase clasps.  You won't find a collection of Tabi Socks like this anywhere else!

11 products found in So Many Kinds of Tabi Socks to Choose From!

Children's Tabi Socks
  • $10.00
Children's Fleece Tabi Socks
  • $15.99
Polar Feet Fleece Tabi Socks
  • $20.00
Traditional Japanese Style Black and White Cotton Tabi Socks
  • From $11.50
Low-Cut Patterned Tabi Socks
  • $4.00


Tall Cashmere Tabi Socks
  • $37.50
  • $24.99
CoolMax Tabi Socks
  • $6.00
Ankle Tabi Socks
  • $4.00
Tall Tabi Socks
  • From $6.00
Vibram Merino Wool Crew Length Five-Toe Socks
  • $20.00
5-Toe Vibram Coolmax Athletic Socks
  • $18.00