Foot and Gait Workshop

New to minimal footwear or curious to learn about the anatomy of the foot?

We're hosting an outdoor movement workshop to walk you through (pun intended!) barefoot gait and how to prepare for it. We'll address what to be aware of during walking, running and daily activities.

We will explore:

  • Joints in the foot (not just "the ankle") and how they impact our lower limb movement
  • Mobilizing the feet and preparing them for walking and other pursuits
  • Strengthening the feet and encouraging elasticity in the tissues
  • Gait - the way we walk, patterns to restore efficiency in movement


When: Sunday May 28 - 11am - 12:15pm

Where: Monarch Park (Meet at Felstead Ave & Gillard Ave)

Cost: $15


Ivan Hui, the owner of Cool East Market, will be leading the workshop. He has a lifelong interest in movement, and enjoys sharing knowledge about anatomy and biomechanics. Ivan's interest in facilitating positive explorations of health makes him a wonderful teacher, as does his understanding that each person's journey is going to be unique!


Sign up by sending us an email at and we’ll reach out to arrange payment.


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