Xero Barefoot Shoes

Xero Shoes® started with the Barefoot Sandal Kit, a modern spin on the traditional huarache sandal that you custom build yourself.  That sandal has evolved to several great styles — all durable, stylish, affordable  and so light  it’s like you’re not wearing anything on your feet. You get a strong layer of protection, your feet and legs work the way nature intended and your posture can naturally realign.

From the DYI custom kit to the Hana closed toe every day to the Prio high performance runner, your feet will love Xero Shoes.

"These are, by far, my favorite sandals for recovery, trail runs, or just walking around town."
  .....Danny Dreyer, Co-founder of ChiRunning

Get a perfect fit. Xero Shoes are made to fit YOUR foot, no matter what size you wear or what shape your foot is. Wide, narrow, curved, or straight… short toes or long toes, your Xero Shoes are made for you.