June 8th Minimal Shoes Workshop: This is My First Rodeo!


This is my First Rodeo!

A Beginners Workshop for Transitioning to Minimal Shoes

On June 8th we'll be hosting an event at All Access Health and Fitness with speakers from CEM, All Access, Altra, and more!


The focus will be on transitioning to minimal shoes, but those who have already been wearing them will enjoy connecting with experts in the fields of movement, function, anatomy, alignment, common injuries, etc.


It will give guests an opportunity to mingle with other members in the barefoot community and share knowledge and experiences. Bring your questions and curiosities! Our guest speakers are also there to answer questions and provide support.


This event will also feature a representative from Altra. If you were ever curious about their shoes, you'll get to learn more. A demo set will be available at the event!


Dessert bites and beverages will be offered.



This will be a ticketed event to ensure there is space and time to try out movement demos and answer personal questions.

Tickets are $15 plus fees from Event Brite.

If cost is a barrier to you please email us, we have a couple of seats to be flexible with.

Buy your ticket here!


Event Itinerary

5 PM - Event begins - Introduction

5:30 - Carol Robbins

Foot Health Mythbusters + Transitioning to Minimal + Building Foot Strength

6:00 - Srikesh Rudrapatna

Common Lower Body Injuries (Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, etc) + How Physiotherapy Helps

6:30 - Ivan Hui

Global Movement Warm-Up Activity - movement activity involving the foot and legs but also involving the whole body

7:00 - Kyle Moore from Altra

A Little Bit about Altra: It's history and how their shoes can be a part of your transition journey

7:30 - Schmooze and Snack! This is an opportunity to chat with our speakers and with other guests in the barefoot community

7:45 - Raffle Draw - winners announced!

8 PM- Event wraps!



There will also be a 3 Raffle prizes up for grabs!

  1. A free pair of Altra's
  2. Cool East Market Beginner's Toolkit including yoga tune up balls, a Katy Bowman book, 5 toe socks, and more
  3. A coupon for Carol Robbin's (@alignmentrescue) Transitional Minimal Shoes online course




Carol Robbins

Carol Robbins is a Nutritious Movement® certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) and has been teaching movement for 25 years. She has been studying with Katy Bowman since 2012 and is a staff teacher trainer for the organisation. Known as a teacher's teacher, Carol mentors many teachers all over the world.She works with mainly women in the 50-70 age group and has a particular interest in things foot related! Carol teaches online through courses, workshops, classes and a subscription membership. She is also a Move Your DNA and Dynamic Aging trained instructor. Carol is 64 and lives in Toronto. She is a mother, cat lover, baker and endlessly curious student of all things movement.

insta: @alignmentrescue



Srikesh Rudrapatna

Srikesh Rudrapatna is a Registered Physiotherapist with a specialization in pain management and injury rehabilitation.

In his clinical practice, Srikesh uniquely combines principles from Western and Eastern Medicine and routinely incorporates treatment modalities such as Acupuncture, Yoga, Manual Therapy and, most importantly, Exercise to help patients get back to a normal life.

Despite his two knee surgeries, you can find Srikesh playing all kinds of sports from Basketball to Spikeball. Srikesh wholeheartedly believes everyone can lead an active lifestyle, it just requires a bit of creativity and problem solving!

If you’re looking to get active and want guidance, he’d be happy to help!

insta: @thefreelancephysio



Ivan Hui

Ivan Hui is the owner of Cool East Market, a retail store in Toronto dedicated to minimal footwear. He has a lifelong interest in movement and athletics, and enjoys sharing knowledge about anatomy and biomechanics. He is a graduate of Spirit Loft's inaugural Embodied Arts Teacher Training in 2018 - and applies an interdisciplinary approach to his own personal practice and learning. Ivan is dedicated to facilitating positive explorations of health, and he strongly believes that each person's journey is unique.

insta: @cooleastmarket



Kyle Moore from Altra

Kyle Moore is the Altra Field Service Rep for the Province of Ontario. They've spent 5 years in the footwear industry, and takes great pride in helping get people in the footwear that suits them best.



Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the event feel free to call us (416) 462-3509, email us info@cooleastmarket.com, or drop by our store!