Xero Shoes Barefoot Shoes Kit

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Imagine a huarache sandal that is customized to your own feet.  Imagine the sole that is incredibly rugged and also incredibly flexible.  Wearing this shoe is almost like wearing nothing at all.  Protect your feet as you run virtually barefoot over any surface with your own customized Xero Shoes.

Choose either 4 mm .or 6 mm. thickness.  Measure your feet in inches or centimetres to find the right size.

Each kit comes with 2 pre-cut soles, a special hole punch and black laces.   Build your own custom-made Xero Shoes to suit YOUR feet and design the laces style from  a variety of unique styles.  
The kit includes black laces but other colour laces are available.  Please use the order note to let us know if you would like to substitute a different colour for the black.
Extend your running season by wearing Tabi Socks with your Xero Huaraches.

For instructions on building your Xero Shoes please see the XeroShoes Website here:

Sizing for Xero Shoes Kits
A    -- up to 6.75" / 17 cm.
B   -- up to 7.75" / 19.5 cm.
C   -- up to 8.5" / 21.4 cm.
D   -- up to 9" / 22.7 cm.
E   -- up to 9.5" /24.1cm.
F   -- up to 10" / 25.5 cm.
G   -- up to 10.5" / 26.7 cm.
H   -- up to 11" / 27.8 cm.
I   -- up to 11.5" / 29.1 cm.
J   -- up to 12" / 30.3 cm.
K   -- up to 12.75" / 32.2cm.

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