Tabi Boots for Children

  • $49.00

Small sized Tabi Boots for small ninjas in two styles.  The cushioned Jikatabi have glued soles and a comfortable insole.  The stitched Jikatabi have a flat sole and are stitched in front in addition to being glued. These are a little more heavy duty and more like the adult sizes in style.  Both use convenient Velcro for fastening.

Here's How To Measure the Junior Ninjas

Ask them to stand on a piece of paper in bare feet and trace around the bottom of a foot with a pencil perpendicular to the paper.  On the paper measure the diagonal distance from the longest toe (usually but not always the big toe) to the middle of the heel.  

The Tabi Boots are sized in centimeters.  If the foot measures 15 or 15.1 cm, for instance, the 15 cm. boot will be too small and they will need the 16 cm.  If the foot is under 15 cm, then the 15 cm boot will be right.