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Cool East Market is your destination for Minimal Footwear. 

We carry great brands such as Xero Shoes, Lems, Leguano and more.  Cool East Market was also the first website in the world to specialize in Japanese Style split-toe Tabi products.  We've been importing and selling Tabi Socks since 2000 and Jikatabi Boots since 2006.

Since moving to a retail store at 1390 Danforth Ave. in Toronto in 2012, we've expanded the Tabi Collection and added other types of healthy minimal footwear to the collection.  In 2015 we started selling Xero Barefoot Shoes which are practical, comfortable and well-priced, great for running or any activity.  We added Leguano Barefoot Shoes, hand-made in Germany and  Furoshiki Wrapping Sole Minimal Shoes, a Japanese design with Italian fabric made in China.  We also carry Eco Wings Canada Re-purposed Tire Tube Accessories, patented CorrectToes Toe Separators, Naboso Insoles and much more.

For everyone's health and safety, we now have free private Appointment Shopping available. Please click HERE to make an appointment with a specialist to try on and learn more about our products.  

You can shop online 24-7 and if you are in the area, choose Free Local PICK UP instead of delivery.

If you have any questions, please give us a call 416-462-3509.  Located conveniently by the Greenwood TTC station.

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